Lake View Fisheries Crawley West Sussex

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Lake View Fishing Rules

Fishing rules Lake View Fisheries Day ticket fishery bordering Sussex Surrey  

We don't want to be unreasonable, but we have to have a few common-sense rules to ensure everyone's safety, enjoyment and conservation of the facilities. Lake View Fisheries cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury to any person, property or vehicles whilst at the fishery.

We welcome responsible and considerate anglers and hope you enjoy your time at Lake View.

*Barbless /micro barb (size 6 max.) hooks only.
*No alcohol.
*No lead core rigs.
*No fixed rigs.
*No artificial baits.
*No radios, shouting or loud noises.
*No dogs.
*No carp to be sacked for any reason.
*All anglers to have a minimum of 36" landing nets.

*Unhooking mats must be used at all times.
*No fires or bright lights.
*No litter, including cigarette ends. Bins are provided in the car park.
*No visitors after dark.
*For matches, please see the notice board for reserved pegs.
*Gates locked from 8pm - 7am.
*No keepnets except in matches.
*All juniors must be accompanied by an adult.

No fishing more than halfway across the lake unless the opposite swim is unoccupied. Should an angler arrive partway through your session, you will be asked to refrain from casting more than halfway towards their swim.

Anyone found breaking any of the above rules will be escorted off the fishery immediately without any refunds. The management reserve the right to refuse admission to any person without reason.